Sara Freeman for MN House, Minneapolis, MN, survivor of rape and gun violence

"I am grateful for the guidance of Survivors Lead. I was paired with another gun violence survivor and Survivors Lead helped me to anticipate and manage parts of the campaign process that might be triggering or re-traumatizing. As a survivor, I want to give other survivors the representation we've been lacking for too long. I encourage other survivors of trauma to run for public office and to contact Survivors Lead when they're ready!"


Bonnie N., grandmother of Eric Nelson

“When a intricate piece of your family is taken by gun violence, your whole world changes forever—never to be the same again. We stumble around in disbelief...angry, broken, and can’t think of what to do next. Survivors Lead is so important to us while struggling to find answers. Why our loved ones are not here, what happened, and what is going to be done about it? My 14-year-old grandson, Eric didn’t deserve to be shot to death!”

katherine ranta headshot.JPG

Katherine Ranta for School Board, Alexandria, VA, 

survivor of gun violence and domestic violence

"Survivors Lead was such a fantastic resource for me as a first -time candidate. They provided digital and graphics consulting work and advised me on filing, finance, and media--all services were provided by another survivor of gun violence. Their work supporting survivors as they navigate the difficult campaign process is invaluable."

Jonathan_1543-2 1.jpg

Cynthia, mother of Jonathan O'Shaughnessy, murdered July 3rd, 2017, Richfield, MN

As a survivor of my only son's unsolved shooting - you fight forever and do whatever you can to get answers....this means putting out the word through flyers, buttons, t-shirts, media, and anything to keep his name alive. Many families can't afford these costs. Survivors Lead came into my life when our family's resolve was at a all time low.

Their suggestions, support and ideas have helped give us some hope. #SurvivorStrong #SurvivorsLead