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20 Years: From Columbine to Parkland (Denver, CO Gun Reform Conference)

This national conference connects gun violence prevention advocates to academic researchers. Attendees will be equipped with the knowledge to create public policy steeped in solid academic research, learn new tools to reach policymakers, and build stronger relationships within the gun violence prevention community.

Speakers will share the rich history of the movement, advocates will explore old and new strategies, and researchers will explain the latest studies and data. 

You’ll not only learn about advocacy, but you’ll also take real steps towards change. You’ll have the opportunity to join other leading advocates to establish the first ever Denver Accord - a policy agenda to guide lawmakers in passing effective and comprehensive policies to end gun violence.

-Session topics will include:

-Urban gun violence

-Police violence

-Differing GVP strategies

-Gun suicide

-Domestic gun violence

-Gun myths, new research

-Gun law implementation and enforcement

-A history of the gun violence prevention movement over the last 20 years

A memorial will be held on Saturday night. We will honor all who have been lost to gun violence whether through mass shootings, suicide, domestic violence, law enforcement, urban violence, or unintentional shootings.

Survivors Lead Executive Director, Rachael Joseph and Board Chair, Kate Ranta will share their personal stories and co-facilitate a panel on the many intersection of domestic violence and gun violence.